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A Rust FFI adventure in unsafety 21 Sep 2018

My adventures of hunting down bugs in my Capstone Rust bindings


Generic numeric functions in safe, stable Rust with the num crate 01 Apr 2017

Introduction to writing code in Rust that is generic over number types.


Fuzzybit 11 Jun 2016

Introducing fuzzybit, a Python module I wrote for inspecting the entropy of an observed history of bit values.

CTF Writeup: Brain Repl 28 Apr 2016

A writeup/walkthrough for a binary exploitation challenge I wrote for a University of Michigan CTF competition.

Smashing the Stack For Fun and Profit (Today) 18 Apr 2016

This is a tutorial explaining how to compile/run examples in "Smashing the Stack" on a modern machine.


Umbra Firewall 25 Aug 2015

We designed and implemented an application-layer firewall that protects embedded web interfaces.

Improved i3 Workspace Switcher 18 Mar 2015

I wrote a script to emulate xmonad's workspace switching in the i3 window manager.


Estonia Internet Voting 03 Nov 2014

We investigated the security of Estonia's Internet elections assuming a state-level adversary.